Ghetto Justice II came to a close two weeks ago.  So, how did it fare?

It certainly didn’t surpass the first one in terms of success and plot, but it didn’t disappoint either. 

What I Loved

  1. I was skeptical about how Raymond Cho’s relationship with the boys would turn out, but he integrated himself in very well.  I loved the horsing around that took place amongst this group of brothers — the playful insults, the play fighting, and, of course, the unconditional support they provided each other. 
  2. I loved how the green leaf artists stole many moments of the show.  Chan On Ying gave us something to remember her by with a powerful, emotional performance and Chun Wong churned out the most moving act of his that I’ve seen.  
  3. Personally, Myolie confirmed to me that she deserved her best actress award last year.  The scriptwriters didn’t give her much of a challenge this time around, but she showed up for the last couple of episodes.  Even the netizens who usually jump at the chance to trash her, complimented her on her crying scenes, all of which portrayed different feelings.
  4. To save the best for last, what I loved the most was the chemistry between L.A. and Sze Fu.  In the first GJ, their pairing was fresh, impulsive, and hot.  The second time around, there was a lot more emphasis on comfort, dedication, and love.  Needless to say, it was perfect. 

What I Hated

  1. No surprise here — Christine Kuo.  Her story line was totally unnecessary and stupid.  She added absolutely NOTHING to further the plot.  And her acting…  Atrocious, as usual.
  2. I would have liked the last case a lot more if Evergreen’s character was taken to prison instead of killed.  He did way too many bad things and killing him was letting him get off easy.
  3. ETA: I absolutely hated Law Ba’s stupid hand gesture.  Saying that he overused it is an understatement!  I bet if you played a drinking game and took a shot every time he did it, you’d have alcohol poisoning.  (Don’t try it, kids!)

Other Notes

  1. To my surprise, JJ Jia’s character and acting was actually likeable!  There’s a definite need to work on her accent and tone of voice, but her acting was decent.  This role showed her potential.
  2. As for Crystal Li, I felt her performance was very wooden and unnatural, though not quite cringe-worthy. 

Overall, it was entertaining and acts as a nice supplement to the original.  Definitely worth watching for the L.A./Sze Fu moments.

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